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If you are unhappy with the services or products supplied to you, first discuss the matter with the pharmacist. The pharmacist should aim to deal with your complaint within ten working days. If this fails to satisfy your complaint then, in the case of an NHS matter, should contact the Complaints Manager at your Local Health Authority or Community Health Council and they would be happy to deal with the matter. Disputes over the standards of other goods and services offered to you should be referred to your local Trading Standards Department. You will find these numbers in your local telephone directory.

In addition to these professional services, as your local community pharmacy, we can offer excellent value with:-

Vantage own brand products including medicines, toiletries and baby care.

Maternity special offers.

Photographic, developing and printing services.

If you would like more any information on any of the services mentioned, please contact us for more information.

Ask your pharmacist you will be taking good advice.


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