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Professional Services

Professional services

Patient medication records/ drug interaction

Our modern computer allows us to keep records of all your prescriptions dispensed by us. It automatically alerts us to any problems which may arise when new medicines are prescribed and allows us to counter prescribe with full assurances on efficiency and safety.

Delivery Service

We can deliver dispensed prescriptions to housebound patients. Please ask for details.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Please ask if you require your blood pressure taking. Equipment is also available for purchase.

Supplying & Fitting of Trusses

For more information please call the pharmacist.

Repeat Prescriptions

We operate a repeat prescription collection service. Please ask for details.

Ostomy Supplies

We stock a comprehensive range and provide a confidential service. We also supply free disposal bags.

Veterinary Supplies

We carry a wide range of animal medicines for effective pet care.

Alternative Medicines/ Treatments

Please ask for the pharmacist for advice on homeopathy, aromatherapy, and herbal remedies.

Specialised Professional Service

Diabetes Screening

Available on request, please consult the pharmacist.


Although not available on the NHS, your doctor may recommend their purchase for asthma or breathing problems. We can also advise on the use of inhalers and peak flow meters.


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